Sofar Sounds

Sofar Sounds started some time back in London and has grew to leave its footprint globally. In a nutshell, Sofar Sounds curates intimate gigs of emerging artists in living rooms all over the world. Definitely check out the website and get on their mailing list! We attended our first Sofar Sounds session back in Singapore last year, and had an amazing time being entertained by the very talented Charlie Lim and a 14-year old music genius. It was definitely a plus that the host had a beautiful living space.


We were excited to find out about the Austin chapter of Sofar Sounds, and was fortunate enough to squeeze into the guestlist for January! So on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in a random South Austin neighborhood, we were introduced to four amazing groups:


The Whiskey Folks are a group from Dallas and they played some sweet folk music to kick-off the afternoon of gigs!Image

Deer Vibes was a huge group from San Antonio – about 10 of them squeezed into the tiny corner of the living room, playing a range of instruments including the violin, the xylophone, trumpet, and some interesting vocals. 


SXSW feature this year, the Sour Notes typically play their music with heavy electronics but had to turn it down a notch since they could only use the basic instrument set they brought along to the session. Nonetheless, they sounded amazing and we’re definitely checking them out at the Red 7 on February 5th.


Wrapping up the afternoon was Lily Kershaw, a very talented singer in her early-twenties from Los Angeles. We were particularly excited to hear her because Lysia actually had one of songs in her iTunes. She definitely didn’t disappoint.

Image  Thanks again for a great afternoon of music Sofar Sounds!

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