Bona fide

I learnt a new word yesterday – bona fide; adj. genuine, real

Learning a new word makes me happy. As we grow older, out of the context of schools and formal education, learning seems to slow uncontrollably. I am sure we continue to learn about a ton of things such as “14 cats who think they are sushi” or “17 astute observations from bathroom walls”, but learning to enrich our minds – how much of that do we engage in on a daily basis?

The day you stop learning is the day you stop living – Albert Einstein 

So bona fide for me was a tiny victory yesterday, a bona fide win.

I took some time to reflect today, and thought I’d share about some interesting stuff I learned recently:

1. A family that walks on fours – The real reasons are unknown, but this family in a remote Turkish village literally walks on fours. It is interesting to note CT scans revealed a slight brain damage – a particular part of the brain that is responsible for balance seems to be significantly smaller than normal. Viola! There’s actually a specific part of your brain that helps with sensory balance.

2. A Singaporean who walked through the gates of Harvard and currently writes for a living. As asserted in his introduction, most Singaporeans will question his decision to not “go into banking”, but reading his story gives me hope that one can still choose the unorthodox path in Singapore and pursue his passion of writing.

3. The advancement of photography has allowed us to appreciate what a photon of light actually looks like in this TED talk – Imaging at a Trillion frames a second. A photon? Yes, a photon. #mindblowing

4. Paul’s response to the people of Thessalonica in the book of Thessalonians when being confronted about their struggles – free yourself from being self-absorbed, and instead pray for others and the gospel. It ain’t all about you. Get outside of yourselves and appreciate the bigger picture beyond just you.

5. Hosting the World Cup – a very obvious visual change but what does it really mean for the locals? (o los pobres?) The unequal distribution of the benefits from the World Cup in Brazil. In Portuguese with Spanish subtitles.


In other news…

Summer is getting hot hot hot in Austin, Texas. The days are also longer which means you could do an 8pm run and it will be completely bright outside. Also, I continue to meet writers, artists, musicians of all sorts everyday, my preconceived “norm” of a 9-5 salaried job continues to shifts towards a one-life-live-it-do-what-you-love view. Short term target remains –> #RTWbefore30