Is there McDonalds in Tajikistan?

The modern-day multi-national corporation is quite a fascinating behemoth. How did a lone McDonald restaurant that started in San Bernadino in 1948 grow to have a presence in almost 120 countries around the world today? The quality of the food is questionable, and the many horrible criticisms are the least bit flattering, but scaling to 120 countries is a pretty significant feat I must say. As I am about to get on a plane across the Atlantic, the first question that comes to mind is – is there McDonalds in Tajikistan?

Just kidding – that isn’t what I am most curious about at this point of time. But really, is there? I will soon find out.

McDonalds aside, what is Tajikistan really all about? In the past few months, I have held back all temptation to search “Tajikistan” on Google Images. For a country made up of more than 90% of mountains, it is highly likely that I will end up seeing an image of a mountain appear anyway. Who are the people? What do they eat? What are their dreams?

Almost a decade ago, I embarked on my first 8-week sojourn into Southeast Asia with my very first travel buddies Andy and Joses, and 10 years later I find myself getting ready for a solo sojourn into a very, very, VERY different part of the world. Travelling is a wonderful privilege, and one which I hold dearly to. This time round, it involves travelling with a Kiva workplan, and I am excited to see what kind of serendipitous situations I will find myself in! I was told that getting into the country at immigration involves some vague form of bribery – I will have to hone my negotiation skills for sure…

A year ago when Lysia and I moved to Austin, we very effectively packed everything we needed for our lives in one suitcase and a backpack each. This time round, I am reminded again of just how little we actually need in life – clothes, books and a big open mind to go experience the world around us.

Life zipped up again!

Life zipped up again!


This is it – I am off on my 30-hour long journey to a land of Tajikistan!

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