First world problems.

Someone asked me last week, “so what’s one of the biggest differences you see being back in America now?”



We are bombarded with such a bounty of choices in the first world, and we often forget how blessed we are regarding the decisions we have to make. We do not make decisions about whether we will have water, but what kind of water we will have – tap, bottled, gas, flavored, spring, vitamin… and the list goes on. We do not make decisions about whether we will have food, but what kind of food we will have – Thai, Mexican, Asian-fusion, fast-food, organic, gluten-free… and the list goes on. And… I just came from a place where people do not get sufficient vegetables over the winter as they cannot afford to import them into the country. What is the biggest difference? Abundance, and we have no idea that we are living in this plenitude of stuff. It is healthy to remind ourselves every one in a while how blessed we are for living in the developed world.

I was browsing Facebook last week and this caught my eye, and how true the revelation – It is difficult to truly understand how much abundance we have, and may this be a reminder to all of us!