My lifetime partner and I, and our shenanigans.

My lifetime partner and I, and our shenanigans.

Little random things fascinates me everyday. At the time of writing, I discovered that in order to counter slumping car sales due to increasing traffic accidents in the 1920s, auto-companies popularized the term jaywalker – derived from “jay”, a derisive term for a country bumpkin – in a psychological ploy to convince urbanites to keep off the streets. Every single darn thing originates from somewhere, and every day I try to be inquisitive to learn a little bit more about the world around me.

I am currently serving as a Kiva Fellow on my sabbatical from work as a Strategy Consultant, I speak English/Mandarin/Spanish, and practice Capoeira – a fascinating dance-fight with a very rich history. I live in one of the best cities in the US – Austin, Texas! I believe that travel can teach us so much about the world and more importantly, ourselves. I live for unexpected chats with strangers, train rides, staring at mountains, not having an itinerary and finding scrumptious street food.

Shoot me a note if you would like to connect – terenceysy[at]gmail.com



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